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Who We Are

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Sanitizology is owned and operated by San Diego locals. Our team has lived and worked in San Diego for almost thirty years. We provide the best sanitization services to San Diego County because your neighborhood is our neighborhood.

Paul Needelman 

Paul Needelman

Founder & CEO

Experience: Prior to launching Sanitizology, Paul has over 10 years of experiencing owning and operating Cleanology Housekeeping Personnel Service, a San Diego-based residential housekeeping referral agency. At Cleanology, Paul has worked closely with San Diego residents, property managers, and REALTORS. Paul has also served in various positions in the finance, mortgage, and commercial real estate industries.

Education: B.S., Business Management from Wayne State University in Detroit, MI


Sophie Needelman Bloch

Sophie Needelman Bloch

Co-Founder & Head of Marketing

Experience: Sophie has over 10 years of experience in marketing and branding for businesses, non-profits, and thought-leaders. Most recently, she has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs market and scale their strategies through their public speaking opportunities. Prior to that she led a non-profit organization serving the students of UC San Diego and worked at Cleanology alongside her dad Paul.​​​​​​​

Education: B.A. in Rhetoric & Dance Studies from the University of California, Berkeley

The Electrostatic Sanitization Process:

Step 1 - Book: Contact our team to book an appointment and discuss your space and sanitization needs.

Step 2 - Prep: Our process works best when your space is clean. Please prepare the space to be sanitized by performing routine cleaning. If you would like help, we can refer a team to take care of it for you!

Step 3 - Spray: Our trained technicians will use an electrostatic sprayer to sanitize every surface of your space. Extra attention and care will be given to high-touch surfaces.

Step 4 - Dwell: Once sprayed, sanitizer is left to dwell for 10 minutes, ensuring all surface-level bacteria and viruses have been killed. During this period, surfaces will be mildly damp and allowed to air dry.

Step 5 - Final Inspection: After sanitizer has dwelled, our technicians will perform a final inspection to wipe down any remaining damp surfaces and ensure every surface has been sanitized.

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