Apartment Complexes

Apartment Complexes


Just because you are safe at home doesn’t mean the shared spaces in apartment complexes are being disinfected properly, or regularly. During times of isolation, it’s easy to forget how much contact shared living space gets. High touch areas in laundry and mailrooms, fitness centers, lobbies, and elevators pose an added risk, yet are often unavoidable when trying to maintain a normal daily routine.

Property managers and multi-unit residential building owners that regularly sanitize the units that are available to lease as well as the common areas and shared spaces in their buildings send the message to tenants that their health and safety are being considered proactively. With our Sanitizology Certificate of Completion displayed in your building lobby or rental units, you can help to attract new tenants who are eager to find an apartment complex that goes above and beyond in the services being provided.

Sanitizology’s services are easy to understand and simple to book. Our service options are scalable no matter the size of the building. Because we specialize in both residential and commercial disinfecting, we can work with tenants directly to complete sanitizing services in their private spaces while sanitizing shared spaces as well.

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