How Often Should Property Managers Use Electrostatic Disinfection for Their Properties?

How Often Should Property Managers Use Electrostatic Disinfection for Their Properties?

As a property manager, not only are you responsible for enforcing leases, but you’re also expected to guarantee the health and safety of the buildings on your watch. If you’re unsure how disinfecting works, you’re in the right place. Read on to learn more about sanitizing your facilities with electrostatic spraying. If you find yourself searching "sanitizing San Diego" or "disinfecting San Diego" on your browser. Sanitizology is the solution for you! We provide sanitization services throughout San Diego County.


How Long Does Electrostatic Disinfecting Solution Last?


Electrostatic disinfection generally lasts only until the sprayed surface is next touched. This product kills unwanted pathogens on every targeted area or surface. But doesn’t provide a protective barrier to prevent future contamination. The design of electrostatic cleaners is to disinfect at the time of application. A good example would be disinfecting a hand railing. Spraying an electrostatic disinfecting solution will kill the pathogens on its surface. The bars will have to go through disinfection again the moment it’s touched once more.


Remember this when determining how often you’re supposed to use electrostatic disinfection. Do you intend to sanitize spaces that are usually exposed to many pathogens every day? If so, daily cleaning will be beneficial. Examples of these large or open spaces include gyms, schools, and medical facilities. Closed workplaces may only need disinfection once or twice a week.


Where Can You Use It?


Electrostatic disinfection methods can disinfect all types of surfaces. These include electronics, like laptops and keyboards. It can also sanitize all sorts of industries, including:


1.     Catering. This includes restaurants, commercial kitchens, and their vehicles.

2.     Corporate. This includes reception areas, office cubicles, conference rooms, and bathrooms.

3.     Education. This includes classrooms, locker rooms, cafeterias, and even school buses.

4.     Hospitality. This includes reception areas, hotel rooms, and dining areas. The same goes for amenities like pool and gym facilities.

5.     Healthcare. Hospitals and surgical facilities also turn to this sanitizing solution. They use medical-grade electrostatic disinfectants to guarantee complete and thorough cleaning. Medical workplaces include waiting areas, doctor’s clinics, examination rooms, and surgical theaters.


The general public has always paid attention to how you try to protect them and your employees. This is especially true with the novel coronavirus outbreak. With electrostatic disinfection, you can maintain good cleaning and hygiene practices. Its cutting-edge cleaning technology can guarantee the best results and even save you a lot of time.


Benefits of Continued Use


Continued regular use of electrostatic disinfection is the best way to ensure maximum health and safety. Consider this particularly for high-traffic spaces like medical facilities and schools. This way, you can keep them from getting contaminated again.


There are several kinds of electrostatic spraying products and disinfecting services on the market today that can leave you confused. Sanitizology is here to help and is a local disinfecting service in San Diego that can help you get the professional cleaning you are searching for. They will be able to provide you with the best products for your needs.


Are you looking for a periodic deep clean for your property? Enhance your regular cleaning routine. Our technicians at Sanitizology can provide complete coverage for your facility. You can call our office now in San Diego, California, at (619) 374-8611 for a free quote.

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