How To Stay Safe Post COVID

How To Stay Safe Post COVID

There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has irrevocably changed the way that we think about our health and protecting ourselves from disease. In the past, most of us went about our daily business with very little thought about taking any particular steps to keep ourselves safe from illness. We would walk around shopping malls, visit grocery stores, go to theme parks and packed concerts or travel on public transportation paying very little attention to how many viruses we could be coming into contact with on a daily basis. And why would we? As we know from COVID, many of the most dangerous diseases are airborne, meaning that we can’t see them at all. Out of sight and out of mind worked fairly well until COVID-19 began to spread across the globe in early 2020. 


Our determination to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the virus has dramatically altered our behaviors. However, constant hand-washing, sanitization, and social distancing aren’t only valuable for preventing the spread of COVID-19. They are also hugely beneficial in reducing the risk of other respiratory diseases, like influenza. So much so that many people have been left wondering why these behaviors weren’t common practice even in pre-pandemic times. Now, they simply seem like common sense. 


Although COVID-19 remains present in most countries across the globe, it’s now time to starting thinking about which pandemic behaviors we want to keep, which could be valuable in helping to keep other diseases at bay, and how we can protect our overall health and wellbeing long term. Here are our thoughts on how to stay safe in a post-pandemic world. 



Many of us adapted to wearing masks extremely quickly and easily, and many people are planning on keeping them after COVID-19 becomes less common in a bid to reduce the likelihood of breathing in any airborne diseases that they may otherwise come into contact with. However, direct inhalation is just one way in which we can pick up diseases. There are other behaviors, aside from mask-wearing, which should also be prioritized if we are to prevent the spread of disease. 



Increasing and improving disinfection protocols are easily one of the most effective methods of infection prevention and control. Disinfection is the use of chemicals to eliminate germs, viruses, and bacteria, while also combatting other pathogens like mold and mildew – all of which have the potential to make us sick. These harmful microorganisms can collect on surfaces everywhere, and we inadvertently pick them up when we touch objects and then touch our face, eyes, or mouths without washing or sanitizing our hands. 


Sanitizing our hands regularly is an efficient way of minimizing our risk of contracting illnesses via this contact. However, businesses also need to take a proactive role in preventing the spread of viruses on their premises and this can be done by implementing a holistic infection prevention strategy within their premises. Electrostatic disinfection has been proven to be highly efficient at eliminating as much as 99.99% of harmful microorganisms within offices, retail stores, libraries, movie theaters, malls, airport terminals, and more. Better still, electrostatic disinfection can be done between guests, or at the start or end of each day, depending on the scenario. Many homeowners, building owners, and even real estate agents are also using electrostatic disinfection as a tool for keeping private properties virus-free. 



COVID-19 isn’t the first and won’t be the last pandemic to hit our world, but it is an experience that we can learn from. We’ve quickly discovered that our early infection prevention steps, such as simply staying six feet apart or washing our hands more frequently simply aren’t enough to combat the spread of highly contagious diseases. Instead, we need to use a combination of effective infection prevention behaviors to get viruses like COVID-19 under control and save lives, now and in the future. 




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