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Staying healthy goes above and beyond working out - it also means being germ-free inside and out. Fitness centers and their equipment are extremely high-touch areas, and it’s especially hard to control the spread of germs through sweat, saliva, and heavy breathing. However, workout aficionados shouldn’t have to put themselves at risk while trying to take care of themselves.

Sanitizology’s unique electrostatic spraying technology offers 360 degrees of disinfecting coverage on surfaces of all kinds. Our disinfecting solution is safe to use in locker rooms and on fitness equipment and is fast-drying so fitness center clients can easily get back to working out.

Sanitizology partners with fitness centers to help figure out the best way to disinfect their spaces amidst complex and ever-changing schedules as they try to safely accommodate as many happy customers as possible. Our services are easy to understand and schedule, and our technology is incredibly efficient to make the most of your busy time.

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