It’s easy to forget that many aspects of travel carry on even if it feels like life is on hold. People who work in a variety of industries continue to utilize hotels as a home away from home at a time when we need that security and comfort. Others are choosing to take advantage of more downtime for family getaways, even if it means staying closer to home. Either way, hotels are a necessary part of the travel equation and travelers are making decisions about where to stay based on how safe they feel.

Whether it’s for work or for pleasure, travel doesn’t have to stop. With so much turnover, it’s vital to disinfect each and every surface within a hotel to ensure the safety and comfort of travelers. Hotels have an important role to play in ensuring life carries on, so individuals who travel don’t have to worry about how safe their hotel is.

​​​​​​​Sanitizology’s disinfecting services scale to spaces of any size, including hotel rooms, hallways, lobbies, and other common areas. Our services are easy to book and offer maximum flexibility to work around the busy schedules of hotel employees. Sanitizology partners with hotels to bring an extra vote of confidence to their customers, helping them stand above their competition.

​​​​​​​For prolonged protection beyond our standard essential disinfection service, we can include one of our longer-term disinfection/antimicrobial coating applications called essential90 and essential365 that continually shred pathogens up to 3 and 12 months, respectively.

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