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The heightened awareness of, not just the latest viruses, but the dangerous germs, mold, mildew, and bacteria that surround us every day have created new opportunities for savvy real estate professionals who realize that traditional cleanings or even so-called deep cleanings are no longer enough. Sanitizing and disinfecting are becoming the new normal and, in some cases have become part of the offer to purchase, like a termite inspection.

Whether you are a residential, commercial or HOA management professional, our goal is to help you acquire new tenants, retain your current tenants, and promote health and safety in the community through the application of our sanitization and disinfection services.

For prolonged protection beyond our standard essential disinfection service, we can include one of our longer-term disinfection/antimicrobial coating applications called essential90 and essential365 that continually shred pathogens up to 3 and 12 months, respectively.

Seller’s agents will capture more listings by distinguishing themselves from the competition by promoting the safe and protected properties and common areas they represent through our digital and hard copy certificates of disinfection, window clings and stickers.

Buyer’s agents will close more deals by including a disinfection service as a provision in their client's offers-to-purchase. The buyers are happy because the sellers are paying for the service, and of course, no one wants to move into someone else's potentially dangerous environment.

Property management companies & HOA’s will similarly retain current tenants and owners and help to protect common areas and community members from outbreaks while encouraging co-mingling events and activities while building trust among the association members, tenants, leaseholders, and business clients.

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