People are dining out now more than ever. Although this trend is great news for restaurant owners, one of the unfortunate side effects of more business is an increased risk of bacterial contamination. By adding regular sanitization services to ongoing cleaning and maintenance, restaurants can help their customers feel confident that they aren’t putting themselves at risk for exposure to infectants when dining out.

Restaurants are “high-touch” businesses with food being prepared and handled by multiple cooks and servers before it ever reaches the customer. In addition, there are many places for bacteria to hide such as kitchen equipment, tables, silverware, and menus. Restaurants that regularly sanitize their space and equipment can do business knowing that they are doing their part to help keep the public safe, all while keeping them well-fed too.

Sanitizology aims to reduce the risk of contamination and provide consumers with increased confidence. We understand that restaurants are a complex operation, so we have designed our service to be as simple as possible and not cause any additional headaches for restaurant owners. A Sanitizology Certificate of Completion indicates your restaurant has been disinfected which will help attract new diners, as well as keep long-time patrons feeling safe and satisfied while dining at your establishment.

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