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It is critical for retail businesses and property owners to keep their stores and common areas sanitized so consumers and employees can feel safe on a day-to-day basis.

Sanitizology is committed to reducing the risk of contamination in retail spaces and provide consumers and employees with increased confidence while shopping and working, respectively. We have designed our service to be as simple as possible so store owners and managers can focus on taking care of their customers while we take care of them.

Our services disinfect and sanitize all high-touch areas like countertops, elevator buttons, door handles, store fixtures, etc., so your employees and clients can confidently use every part of the store without worrying about any germs lurking on surfaces.

Upon completion of our service, we provide digital and hard copy Sanitizology Safe Space, Certificate of Completion displays so that your customers and employees feel welcome, safe, and protected.

We are dedicated to making retail store disinfecting as simple and easy as possible with flexible appointment times – before, during or after the workday - so sanitizing does not have to interrupt the flow of business.

For prolonged protection beyond our standard essential disinfection service, we can include one of our longer-term disinfection/antimicrobial coating applications called essential90 and essential365 that continually shred pathogens up to 3 and 12 months, respectively.

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