Children are an extremely vulnerable population that have high exposure to germs and bacteria while at school. It is incredibly difficult to control the spread of germs around children, especially in spaces that get daily use like classrooms, lunchrooms, locker rooms, and playgrounds. On top of that, infectants and pollutants at school can easily spread to other places like the home.

Education and safety shouldn’t contradict one another and disinfecting classrooms and shared school spaces can help. Controlling residential germ exposure can start at school by using Sanitizology’s unique electrostatic spraying technology to disinfect all surfaces in the school space, including the backsides and undersides of objects in a classroom.

Sanitizology’s disinfecting services are efficient, effective, and flexible around school schedules. Plus, our disinfecting solution is safe to use around children and dries quickly so students can get back to learning, and teachers can get back to teaching. School administrators can earn the trust and build the confidence of their community by regularly sanitizing their facilities and classroom spaces. With so many other logistical elements to consider with operating a school, disinfecting with Sanitizology is a simple task that won’t put a strain on a school’s operating plan.

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